Homage to the Columbia River Gorge

When I was planning our trip, I kept stumbling across the most beautiful photos from Oregon. Waterfalls of all shapes and sizes, surrounded by moss-covered rocks and foliage a shade of green that seemed like it couldn’t be real. I knew I wanted to see these places and stand in the spray of those falls. … Continue reading Homage to the Columbia River Gorge


The Trip is Over, Now What?

Hello fellow adventurers at heart! Jason, Freya and I are back in Colorado and have finished our year on the road. I’ve been neglecting the blog and instead had to put most of my time into working for the past few months so we can start to save up for our next big adventure. What … Continue reading The Trip is Over, Now What?

The First 30 Days Part 3 – Southern Utah

Twenty-eight days after arriving in Moab, we reluctantly packed up and headed west.  The instinct to "nest" in one spot was still pervasive, but we did not set on this trip to retreated familiar ground.  The camper repaired, a few loads of shit lighter, we drove toward Goblin Valley State Park, which I was eager … Continue reading The First 30 Days Part 3 – Southern Utah

The First 30 Days Part 2 – Settling In

Aside from the natural beauty and recreational opportunities, Moab was a good starting point from a logistical standpoint.  Developed almost exclusively around tourism, Moab was extremely nomad-friendly.  The main drag of the small town was dotted with auto parts shops, RV and camper repair depots, and outdoor supply stores.  Anything we'd need to repair the … Continue reading The First 30 Days Part 2 – Settling In

The First 30 Days Part 1 – Moab, Utah

Our first morning on the road we awoke to idling big rigs and the splatter of sleet on our little tear drop camper.  We had passed the fitful night at a rest stop along I-70 westbound just across the Utah border, a few miles east of the US 191 junction.  In our exhaustion, we neglected … Continue reading The First 30 Days Part 1 – Moab, Utah

The Waterfall Highway

You could make the drive from Roseburg, Oregon, just off of I-5, to Crater Lake National Park in a couple of hours; but why do that?  Jason and I took two days to explore this 90 miles stretch of Highway 138 through the Umpqua National Forest, and were rewarded with stunning waterfalls and some idyllic … Continue reading The Waterfall Highway

In It for the Lulls

We've been working our way up the Oregon coast the past week, and it's rained nearly every day.  Not enough to completely squelch the occasional day hike through the forests, but enough that we've spent a lot of time in the shelter of our camper. While our journey has certainly been exciting, it hasn't been … Continue reading In It for the Lulls

The Evolution of a Beard 

I'd like to take this opportunity to praise an important travel accessory I've recently aquired for this journey: a beard. Prior to this trip I had a close-trimmed growth of heavy stubble I naively considered to be a "beard."  Tidy and trimmed as a golf course putting green, the facial hair of my previous life … Continue reading The Evolution of a Beard