Homage to the Columbia River Gorge

When I was planning our trip, I kept stumbling across the most beautiful photos from Oregon. Waterfalls of all shapes and sizes, surrounded by moss-covered rocks and foliage a shade of green that seemed like it couldn’t be real. I knew I wanted to see these places and stand in the spray of those falls. … Continue reading Homage to the Columbia River Gorge


The First 30 Days Part 2 – Settling In

Aside from the natural beauty and recreational opportunities, Moab was a good starting point from a logistical standpoint.  Developed almost exclusively around tourism, Moab was extremely nomad-friendly.  The main drag of the small town was dotted with auto parts shops, RV and camper repair depots, and outdoor supply stores.  Anything we'd need to repair the … Continue reading The First 30 Days Part 2 – Settling In

The Waterfall Highway

You could make the drive from Roseburg, Oregon, just off of I-5, to Crater Lake National Park in a couple of hours; but why do that?  Jason and I took two days to explore this 90 miles stretch of Highway 138 through the Umpqua National Forest, and were rewarded with stunning waterfalls and some idyllic … Continue reading The Waterfall Highway